Contest Update 2023-2024

As we enter the 2023-2024 program year, we are happy to make several announcements to all fellow members of District 102 regarding the coming contests as follows:

  1. The combination of contests

In evaluation contest, a member may need more practice in public speaking, making his/her evaluation subject to higher expectations while Table Topics speakers can start and excel faster typically. Hence, in order to help new members to get ready and familiarize with Evaluation contests, District has decided to rearranged the combination of contests as follows:

  • Humorous Speech and Table TopicsTM Speech Contests
  • International Speech and Evaluation Contests

With the rearranged combination, we hope that members can have better preparations for the contests so that they can excel in both.

  • The number of contestants for Area/Division/District

The number of contestants allowed to progress from the Club, Area and Division for the following contests effective from 1 July, 2023:

1.      Humorous Speech Contest

2.      Table TopicsTM Speech Contest

3.      International Speech Contest

4.      Evaluation Speech Contest

  • Eight weeks prior to the area contest, if an area has four assigned clubs or fewer in good standing, two contestants from each club are allowed to compete in the area contest.
  • Should additional clubs chartered prior to the area contest, two contestants from each club are permitted to compete.
  • In areas with five or more clubs in good standing eight weeks prior to the contest, one contestant from each club is permitted to compete.
  • In divisions with four assigned areas or less, the two highest-placed available contestants from each area are allowed to compete at the division contest.
  • In divisions with five or more assigned areas, one contestant from each area is permitted to compete at the division contest.

All division level Humorous Speech and Table TopicsTM Contests are to be completed on or before 30 November 2023, while division level International Speech and Evaluation Speech Contests are to be completed by 21 April 2024. All the district contests will be held during District Annual Conference 2024.

Please find below good references in preparing speech contests:

Speech Contest Rulebook (English)

Speech Contest Rulebook (Simplified Chinese简体中文)

You may find more speech contests resources which are available for digital download, including certificates, ballots, tally sheets, time record sheet and other resources in preparing us to conduct speech contests.

International Speech Contest Kit

Humorous Speech Contest Kit

Evaluation Speech Contest Kit

Table TopicsTM Speech Contest Kit

Please contact PQD (Program Quality Director) Woo Hui Qin, DTM at +60 16-756 2412 if you have any queries.