District Director’s Message

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Warmest Greetings to the Family of District 102,

1st of July marks a new beginning in Toastmasters’ calendar year. 1st of July also marks that our District, District 102 is officially marching into its 8th year since its formation in 2016.

I truly appreciate every one of you for being with us all these years! 

Members of District 102, it was the “Why” in you that you embarked on this beautiful learning journey in Toastmasters! It is the passion in every one of us, that we continue to strive for achieving excellence in our learning! 

Bruce Lee once said, “Knowing is not enough, we must apply! Willing is not enough, we must do!”

As the District Director for term 2023-2024, I would like to extend my sincere invitation to everyone, let us make District 102 a Smedley Distinguished District!

Let us do this together! 

Be Excellent! Reach Out!

Be Excellent!

Let us walk the talk together. Learning and improving in communication and leadership skills through Pathways learning experience work best not just with words, but through our actions. Be an excellent Distinguished member, be an excellent Distinguished Club, together!

Reach Out!

Personal growth includes helping others in their journey of growth. We learn and achieve excellence not only in Toastmasters but in our lives. It is time for us to reach out, to invite more individuals to discover their “Why”, the “Why” of achieving excellence in life. It is so encouraging and enriching to see how our friends learn and grow in life!

Smedley Distinguished District 102, it is not only a dream, but also an achievable dream! Let us make it happen … together!

District Director

102区域的家人们, 你们好!

7月1日, 象征着国际讲演会开始的新季度,更象征着102区域自成立于2016年后,正式迈入第八个年头。



李小龙曾经说过,“光是知道是不够的,我们必须加以运用; 光是愿意是不够的,我们必须付诸行动!”

我以102区域, 2023-2024年度区域总监的身份,诚挚的邀请大家,让我们一起努力,让102区域成为”史迈利”卓越区域  (Smedley Distinguished District) !

卓越 和 普及!


让我们一起身体力行,以身作则。我们知道, 通过Pathways教育路径可以让我们学习和提升沟通和领导的能力。但是,这不只是喊口号而已。我们必须通过实际的行动,成为卓越的会员,成为卓越的分会!