From Thoughts To Prospects

Public speaking is to be able to express freely without the fear of judgement. Now the big question is; who can be a public speaker? The response is within oneself; YOU. Anyone who has the robust determination to uplift people in their community, be it at work or home, and in doing so uplift themselves, can venture into public speaking. I would say it is training the mind and emotions in front of an audience. In today’s everchanging world and impact of global trends, in the words of wisemen, “if you can’t tell, you can’t sell”, public speaking becomes vital as an extracurricular activity if not a full-time profession, so to say. The easiest gateway into the world of public speaking and enhancing communication skills is your entry into the Toastmasters organization. I personally incapacitated my anxiety issues and stage fear here. Earlier, I would often speak without thinking well, but I am now able to organize my thoughts appropriately and put forth logical reasoning. I am now exposed to more ideas and diverse approaches. So many of my fellow Toastmasters have evolved into competent speakers. It is marvelous to hear their success stories at their workplaces as they become cultivated and confident communicators. The best part is that you don’t need any prescribed education points to enter Toastmasters. You can get it anytime when you are ready!

There is a public speaker within us, we just need to bring it out. Once you are part of the Toastmasters’ ever-expanding family, you will witness relentless focus on self-improvement, creativity and be longingness. There is a colossal feeling of succeeding and failing together, that is getting experiences and lessons together, and you mature together. That’s where we grow! Just master the courage and start.