Message From District Director

Dear District 102 Family,

The Heart of Leadership is serving others first, before yourself. For more than two decades, I have been a firm believer in Servant Leadership because Servant Leadership Matters.

I would like to invite you all to this Journey as a Servant Leader with the acronym, Be VIP.

V – Value Each Other
When we value each other, we will do things to add value to each other. We are Humans before we were Toastmasters or called to be Leaders. When we Value people, we respect them, we honour them, we care for them, we are empathetic not merely sympathetic.

I – Influence
Leadership is Influence, not Instruction. As Leaders, we have an opportunity to grow in our Influence and Multiply as Leaders. Let our Positive Influence, Inspire people to grow as Leaders.

P – Passion with Purpose
We inspire people around us when we do things with passion and purpose, and we will lead them to greatness and success.

Let’s work together to build District 102 the best it can be. Let’s establish a WE Mindset, We work as a Team and Collaborate. Let’s make time to build relationships and Connect with people.

District 102 wants to be a Family,
A Family of Leaders
A Family which Inspires one another
A Family which Grows Together
A Family which Multiplies together
A Family which Cares for one another.

Let’s Be VIP, Value Each Other, Lead with Influence & lead with Passion & Purpose; let’s grow together to take our clubs and our personal lives to greater heights.

Welcome to Leadership

Srinivas K M, DTM​

Srinivas K M, DTM​

District Director 2021-2022