Paramount Quality of Leadership

According to management guru Peter Drucker, leadership is the ability to elevate an employee’s vision to a higher level, improve employee performance to a better level and develop an employee’s personality beyond the limits of his or her normal abilities

Undoubtedly, every leader has his or her own leadership styles in delivering instructions and executing plans. Nevertheless, the paramount quality that every leader should have is the ability to influence or be a stimulant to his or her followers. There can be no leader without followers. In this case, some leaders use the autocratic approach or democratic approach, and there are also those who use the diplomatic approach. The question here is; what is the best approach to enhance leadership effectiveness?

According to Michael Lee Stallard, a leader who only focuses on the task will cause his or her followers to burn out. In contrast, a leader who only cares about the relationship will not push the team to achieve a better level of performance. On the other hand, leaders who balance the focus on task and relationship are able to increase the team’s inspiration to work together in achieving targeted goals.

Task excellence can be achieved if team members are clear with the direction and goals. If team members are aware of the importance of direction and purposes, it will evoke a sense of motivation, thereby elevating their commitment to contribute more. In addition to that, targeted expectations need to be explained in a formal statement with clarification details of the start date, end date, action plan, outcomes, risks, and so on to establish formalisation. Please note that the necessary resources need to be provided to ensure the success of the task.

Meanwhile, the relationship aspect can be enhanced if leaders know the employees and understand the factors that can spike their motivation. Due recognition should be given to employees to elevate intrinsic motivation while ensuring the sustainability of productivity. In addition to guiding direction, leaders also need to be open-minded to receive ideas and views. The nature of tolerance and mutual respect needs to be practised to reach both parties’ agreement. On the other hand, employees should support the organisation’s aspirations by performing tasks with a full sense of responsibility. Through consensus and collective mobilisation of ideas, it will benefit both organisation and employees via harmony atmosphere.