The Art of Listening

An Irish proverb says, “Listen to the sound of the river, and you will get a trout“.

The 21st century is known as the century of information. Information is the new gold nowadays. Only those who have mastered the art of listening can be called the kings in this century. They understand the essence of what is truly said and in other words; they collect those precious pearls, pieces of information, puzzles of a bigger picture and handle their treasure with utmost respect and dedication. The art of listening brings power to those kings not so they can manipulate others but to serve, guide and heal them

In the business world, no leader or manager is successful without a high level of listening skills. Psychologists say that the more talkative a salesperson is, the less successful he or she is and the fewer profits he or she makes. While communication and negotiation skills are definitely crucial, active listening remains the go-to element that provides all the tips and hints on what, how and when to say something. In fact, active listening even compels a speaker to not say anything at all if it is deemed necessary.

Listening skills are essential while reading. By reading consciously, one can see the hidden sense, feel a deeper meaning of what is being written and connect all the dots. Those skilled at listening can read other people like an open book by genuinely understanding what message is being communicated, as even one simple word replied from a high level of consciousness from the bottom of the heart, at the right time, has a powerful and healing effect.

Quality over quantity or less is more. Listening brings information that gives power while talkativeness brings codependency instead.

We are all taught to speak since we were very young, but not all of us are taught to listen. It may take a few decades to re-learn the art of listening. However, it is something that our society desperately needs in the 21st century of information.